Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Special Beef Mami

It was cold winter night when I cooked this dish, I did it in my own style, simple and easy way of cooking it but still the taste is great. Here is my recipe.

300 grams fresh pancit
300 grams beef
pepper to taste
salt to taste
thumb size ginger
1 cup spinach
2 boiled eggs ( cut into halves)
 some spring onion for garnishing
1 onion
1 cup corn kernel
2 liters water

1. In a pot put the water, beef, onion, ginger, pepper and soy sauce then let it boil.
2. Simmer until the beef is tender and put salt if necessary
3. Put the noodles until cook then turn off the heat.
4. In a serving bowl arrange the noodles and beef then top the spinach, egg, spring onion and corn kernels then pour the hot soup and serve it.

Instant noodles can be used but do not include the flavoring.


  1. Hm...even if the temperature here gets as high as 106 degrees. A nice and warm ramen is always welcome :).

  2. AteMely Ung step No.1 mali na naman yata kc di mo binanggit ung Tubig..Di naman sa pamimilosopo pero di ba dapat precise? Sori if u r irritated. Nothing personal..

    1. Salamat sa comment mo, I don't consider it pamimilosopo, ok lang sa akin ang mga constructive criticism, tama ka dapat precise, sometimes kahit anong double check gawin ko may di talaga ako nakikitang mali kaya ok lang sa akin hindi ako maiirita kung sabihan nyo ako, Salamat. Edited na.

  3. paano kung walang fresh pansit :(

    1. pwedeng gamitin ang instant noodles wag lang isama ang mga flavoring, pakuluan lang then salain and set aside.


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