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    Wednesday, August 15, 2012


    Binatog is one of the popular street foods in the Philippines, loved by Filipinos during snack time. It is made from matured corn that is patiently cooked to make it tender. It really needs patience because making the corn tender will take a lot of time. It's been few years that I have not eaten this, that is why I decided to make some, my Portuguese friends like it also.
    This is simple and easy to make.

    2 cups matured corn
    1/2 cup grated coconut

    1. Cook the corn until tender ( it will take a long time to do this process, so if pressure cooker is available cook the corn in the pressure cooker for an hour).
    2. When cooking is done put it in a serving bowl, if you want it sweet put grated coconut and sugar, if you want it salty put grated coconut and butter then salt to taste.
    3. Serve it with a smile
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    1. Wow! I miss this. In our place we call this "kinulte". I add either sugar or salt :). Yummmmmm.

    2. Wow! In our place, we call this "kinulte". I add either salt or sugar. Yummmm!

    3. I like the name "kinulte" :D:D yummy!


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