Thursday, January 31, 2013

Homemade Camote Q

Sweet Potato with crystalized sugar is one of the popular snacks in the Philippines, it is put in the bamboo skewers and we simply called it camote cue. I learned to cooked it as early as 9 years old, because it is very popular in our time that's why I am interested to learn how to cook it at a very young age. Simple and easy to prepare, this is how I do it.

2 medium size sweet potatoes ( sliced to your desired size)
oil for frying
Sweet Potato

1. Heat the oil
2. Put some slices of the sweet potatoes then fry until it start to be brownish in color then put some sugar.
3. Stir every now and then specially when the sugar starts to be melting, stir well until done. Then remove and do the same procedure with the rest of the sweet potatoes.
4. Serve hot with your favorite drinks.


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