Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Green Apple Juice

I like the sweet taste of this juice, its refreshing and a good reliever for sweet tooth cravings. This is also very nutritious according to what I've read from Livestrong "Apples are a rich source of nutrients and contain high levels of antioxidants. Apples have a number of documented health benefits. Including apples and pure apple juice as part of your well balanced diet will help protect against diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Drinking 100 percent pure apple juice is one way to gain the benefits offered by apples. You can purchase either green apple juice or red apple juice. Green apple juice has a slight pucker as compared to the sweet taste of red apple juice."

For more information about the nutritional value of  this juice click the link

For a 250 ml of green apple juice we need the following

3 green apples ( chill it before juicing for a great refreshing taste)

1.Wash the apples  very well and slice to a size that will fit the rim of the juicer.
2.Extract the juice then serve.

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