Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pastillas Balls with Chocolate

A delicious dessert for everybody. Only from Mely's kitchen.

200 grams powdered milk
1 cup condensed milk
Chocolate syrup( any brand)
extra powdered milk for dusting

1. In a mixing bowl pour in the condensed milk then gradually add the powdered milk until you form a firm dough-like mixture.
2. Spoon a portion of the mixture and by using your hands, roll it  into small balls and at the center of it press with your thumb to make a hole where we can put the chocolate syrup, or you can flatten it and put the chocolate syrup and roll into balls again.

3. Roll over the powdered milk then use the strainer to shake off the extra powdered milk and wrap with water cellophane and serve.

I am eating this right now and its awesome!!!

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