Friday, March 15, 2013


If I am not mistaken this one is called "Maruya" in the Luzon region of Philippines, but in the Mindanao region of Philippines this is called "Pinaypay or paypay nga saging" which means banana fan because it's shaped into a hand fan before cooking it. I always want to eat this during snack time when I was in Davao city where this one is one of  the most popular snacks. This is how to cook it.

banana ( depends how many you want to make)
flour and water combined together to make a batter ( you can add 1 egg for the batter)
oil for frying

1.Peel the banana and slice thinly and form into fan.( Leave the tip uncut, easier to form a fan this way)
2. Dip in the batter and coat it properly.
3. Deep fry until cooked.
4. Dash with sugar and serve.

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