Monday, April 8, 2013


Longsilog is a very popular breakfast menu in Philippines, it is a combination of sausage (longganisa) fried rice ( sinangag) fried egg ( itlog)

For the sausage ( Longganisa)
 In a pan put a little amount of water that is enough to cook the sausage, then put a little sugar, boil until cooked, then set aside.

 Fro the Fried Rice
Saute 2 cloves of garlic, then add 1 cup of rice, stir until done then set aside.

For the egg ( itlog)
Mostly eggs for this is fried but to avoid oil I poached it instead.
To poach an egg, just put water in a pan until it is boiling then put the egg stir the water and wait until the egg is cooked.

After all the cooking process for each item, arrange in a platter then serve.

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  1. Good thing I already ate longganisa earlier this week, or else I will be drooling over this, haha!


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