Sunday, April 21, 2013

Maja Blanca with Cheese

This is one of my favorite desserts because it is  very simple to make, budget friendly and yummy.  I want to have a collection of different flavors of maja that's why I made this, I already have maja with corn, squash, pineapple, raisin and classic. I hope that you will like this one.

1.5  cups cornstarch
3/4 cup sugar
3 cups coconut milk
1 cup nestle cream or light cream
1  cup milk ( fresh or evaporated)
1/2 cup cheese ( diced)

Diced Cheese
1. In a pan mix the cornstarch, milk, sugar and coconut milk then bring to boil stirring constantly to avoid it from sticking at the bottom of the pan.

2. When it is already boiling stir well until almost firm, then put the cheese.

3. When the firmness is consistent its already cooked, lay some diced cheese in a tray where you are going to put it, then pour the maja.

4. Refrigerate before serving.


  1. What size pan do you use for this recipe? Do you oil/grease the pan lightly before pouring in the maja?? Thank you!! Looks so yummy!!

  2. no need to grease the pan, maja wont stick at the bottom of the tray/pan, sorry no specific size for the pan, I just calculate if it will fit n the tray/pan that I am going to pour it in, I am not a professional cook :)


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