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    Wednesday, April 17, 2013

    Sweet Peanuts

    Since I was a kid sweetened peanuts was already my favorite thing to munch. When my mom buy something at the store I always tell her to buy sweetened peanuts for me. I was 22 years old when I learned how to cook this from a friend who taught me. Since then, I love to make this, specially if we have family gatherings.

    4 cups peanuts ( around 1 kilo)
    2 cup sugar
    4 cups water

    1.Put all the ingredients in a wide pan then bring to a boil.
    2. Continue boiling until the sugar caramelizes.

    3. Stir well and see to it that it will not be burnt.
    4. Continue stirring until the sugar is melted and the peanuts were coated, transfer in a tray and allow to cool and keep in a jar.

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    1. so I have to mix the 4C.water, 4C.peanut and the 2C.sugarand let it boil?? until the sugar is melted so its not fried? its boiled sweet peanut sorry but just wondering because I like this????if you don't mind me asking am I correct with my understanding coz I want to make like this...YES it looks yummy!!!

      1. yes absolutely not fried, you are correct , mix everything let boil until sugar is melted continue stirring until it become crispy and sugar coated

      2. when it is hot it is not crunchy so let cool for a while, then when it is cold alread keep in the jar or air tight container to keep it crunchy

    2. This is very interesting Mely! It looks so yummy and crunchy. I have to ty this. The good thing about it's not fried. So excited! ---- hidez ^_^

      1. :) I'm glad you liked it, yes not fried! :) when you cook it once the water evaporates it will be dried dont be scared just continue stirring and maintain the heat, it will make the sugar melt then will start to look shiny and brownish until you come up with the finished product like the one in the picture, but do not put too much heat because the sugar can burn easily.

    3. I'll let you know if mine is a success. ----hidez^_^

    4. I will try this too.
      Do you have chinese food recipes too?

    5. ok let me know about the resullt

      yes I have few Chinese Food recipes, here some links for it

      Kung pao Chicken

      szechuan shrimps

      Sweet and spicy ginger chicken

      please continue to visit my blog, thank you so much

      1. i work in macau,,and my employeer is a chinese,, i want to learn on how to cook chinese foods,,specially seafoods,,,like shrimps, fish,crabs,shell,,,,i can cook a very simple way,,but if u have other menu for this i can add to my knowledge ,,thank you.......

      2. You can visit this link for seafood recipes

    6. ehanks for sharing,I love sweet peanuts too..


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