Monday, May 20, 2013

Pichi Pichi

Pichi pichi is one of my favorite Filipino dainties ( kakanin), I like the savor and firmness of this steamed cassava. The problem in cooking this is the lye water because it is not available in my place, so I studied very  carefully and figured out for a solution then I tried my conclusion for my analysis then it was a success! I made the Baking Soda Solution to replace the lye water or lihiya. The link for BAKING SODA SOLUTION is provided below.

2 cups cassava, grated
1 cup sugar
2 cups BAKING SODA SOLUTION - Click the link to see how to make it, very simple and easy
1 cup coconut, grated

Grating the cassava

1. In a mixing bowl put together the grated cassava, sugar, baking soda solution then mix well.

2. Put in the molders and steam for 30 minutes or until cooked. If molders are not available steam in a tray/pan until cooked then spoon a portion and roll over grated coconut.
3. After cooking, let cool before removing in the molders for best result, then roll over the grated coconut and serve with a smile :-).


  1. mely hw many tsp po b ilalagay s pitchi pitchi kun my lye water o lihiya? tenk u po :-)

  2. pipigaan pa po b ung grated cassava?

    1. kung ang variety ng cassava ung di naman mapait pwede ng di pigaan, pero kung ung isang variety na may after taste mas maiging pigaan.

    2. pwede bng di n lgyan ng lye solution?

    3. hindi kasi pangit ang texture na di mabubuo

  3. Hi Ms Mely ask ko lng po kng pwd gamitin cassava starch/powder instead n maggadgad? Same measurement p rin kya base dun s recipe nyo?TIA

    1. pasensya na po di ko pa nasubukan, kaya di ako sure kung pwede o hindi, iba rin kasi ang starch sa ginadgad mismo.

  4. Miss mely talaga po bang 2 cups ng baking soda solution?


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