Monday, July 15, 2013


Bagnet is a popular pork chicharon from Ilocos regions of Philippines. Ilocanos loved to put this in their pakbet or eat it with vinegar and garlic as a dipping sauce. Personally I like this dish of course in moderation.Will you try to cook this? Let me know.:-)

1/2 kilo pork belly
1/2 litre water
Salt to taste
oil for deep frying

1. Hang the pork belly to dry then cut to your desired size.In a pot boil the pork with water and salt for 15 minutes over medium heat, then remove the pork and deep fry until brownish then remove from oil and sprinkle with water, then put back in oil and continue frying until golden brown.
2. Remove and let cool then serve.


  1. Spicy vinegar coming up! :)

  2. @Mely: You are more than welcome :). Always my pleasure to drop by here. My day would not be complete if I don't get to see your yummy recipes! :)

  3. I now consult your blog whenever I think of a dish I want to do :-) thanks a lot!

  4. Pinabutok ang tawag nito sa amin. Madarap pero makahighblood. Moderation lang. Thanks Ms. Mely for youre wonderful blog.

  5. gaano po ktagal po sasabit yung pork belly?

  6. it depends gaano ka init ang araw, kung katamtaman lang around 2 hours.

  7. I will try this marahil kaya d ko makuha ang crispiness kc d ko ini-hang muna try try I love this recipe really so yummy pampabata nga lang

  8. I love pork and of course I wanna make some bagnet at home. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  9. Why do you sprinkle it with water before the second frying? Doesn't that just make the fat spatter? Thanks!


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