Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Choco Yema

Something for our sweet tooth, with just two ingredients, Condensed milk and chocolate powder. Yema is always made with just condensed milk and some eggs. I added a twist with the original recipe, so here is the chocolate version of yema. Try it and let me know :-).

2 cups condensed milk
4 tablespoons chocolate powder ( Milo or Ovaltine can be used) the darker the chocolate the better

1. Mix all the ingredients then cook over medium heat, stirring until done.

 2. It is done when it is already sticky and dry, transfer in a platter then refrigerate to cool, in this way it is easier to form it into balls. Once chilled, spoon a portion and by using your palms form it into balls.

3. Wrap with water cellophane then serve anytime you want.


  1. Sweet! :) How do you make it crunchy/crusty on the outside?

    1. Few minutes before you turn off the heat, increase the heat to high and stir well to avoid it from burning. Make sure its really dry and texture is enough to roll without sticking on your hands while making it into balls. Chilling it before you form it into balls helps a lot.

  2. @ Mely: Nice! Thanks for the tips :).

  3. can i use cocoa in chocolate yema

  4. Do you still need to add egg yolks?

  5. kung ibebenta nyo po, magkano po per piece?


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