Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ginataang gulay na may pritong Galunggong

I love vegetables so much, all vegetables no matter what the taste. One way of cooking vegetables to make it taste better is to cook it with coconut milk. Really yummy!

Ingredients for 4-5 servings
250 grams galunggong ( cleaned and fried)
250 grams squash
250 grams eggplant
1 sayote
6 okra pods
1 bunch of kangkong or any green leaves vegetables of your choice
5 cups coconut milk
salt to taste

1. In a pot put the ginger, fried fish  and 4 cups coconut milk then bring to a boil.
2. Add the squash then simmer until almost half cooked then add the sayote, eggplant and okra then simmer and add the green leafy vegetables, simmer until almost done.
3. Add the 1 cup of coconut milk, salt to taste then simmer until cooked.
4. Serve it hot.

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