Saturday, July 13, 2013


Silogs are breakfast combos in the Philippines and one of the popular silogs  is HOTSILOG which is composed of hotdog, fried rice and fried egg. HOT from hotdog, SI from sinangag a Filipino term for fried rice then LOG from itlog , a Filipino term for egg. This is very easy to prepare, by just cooking each item individually, then arrange in a platter then serve.

For Fried Rice
In a pan put 1 tablespoon oil then 2 cloves mince garlic then saute and add 1 cup of rice then stir until done and set aside.

For the hotdog, you can fry it or cook it the way I did, put a little water in the pan and a little butter then let boil and increase the heat until the liquid is gone then remove the hotdogs and set aside.

 For the egg, I poached it, or cooked it in the water. Click here poached egg

 After cooking everything arrange in a platter then serve hot and do not forget to smile :-)

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