Saturday, July 6, 2013

Gelatine Pandan Salad

An aromatic gelatine salad that is so yummy and creamy. It is inevitable that your mouth will water, when you smell the aroma of pandan leaves blended with milk and cream. Tempting!

Ingredients for 7-8 servings
24 grams green unflavored gelatine
12 grams red unflavored gelatine
12 grams yellow unflavored gelatine
1 cup condensed milk
2 cups nestle cream
12 Pandan leaves ( cut)
1 cup pandan water.
Powdered unflavored gelatine

Pandan leaves

1.Boil the pandan with 4 litres of water for 20-30 minutes or until you can smell the pandan scent from the boiling water then set aside.

2. By using the pandan water cook the gelatin according to its packaging procedure and let cool then slice into dice or cube.
 3. Mix All the ingredients, refrigerate then serve.

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