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    Thursday, August 1, 2013

    Suman Malagkit

    Re-cooked October 24, 2014

    Suman is a  delicious Filipino Dainty that is very popular in the Philippines, there are different types of suman and the ingredients varies from each type. This one is the common suman malagkit, delicious and can be served anytime.

    Ingredients for 4 servings:
    2 cups glutinous rice ( malagkit)
    1 1/2 cup coconut milk
    pinch of salt
    wilted banana leaves

    1. Combine the first three ingredients and leave it for 4 hours.
    2. After 4 hours, we are now ready to wrap it with banana leaves. Scoop 1 1/2 tablespoon of the rice then wrap properly with banana leaves by rolling it several times.

    3. Do the same process until you finish wrapping the rice. After wrapping it, tie them by pairs and put in a pot with enough water and cook for 80 minutes or until done.
    4. Serve anytime you want it.

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    1. Wow, very simple but yummy!

    2. Anong pwede ko substitute sa dahon ng saging? Kasi dito hindi readily meron.

    3. I've tried doing the other kind of suman, the black glutinous rice, followed the instructions, but after that, the suman were still very gard so I boiled them for 3 hours, and I was disappointed cuz they're still hard..

    4. The black glutinous rice needs to be soak overnight I guess then follow the interactions. See what happen.

    5. (Edited) The black glutinous rice needs to be soak overnight I guess then follow the instructions. See what happen.

    6. The way my mother cook it. Cook the glutinous rice with coconut gata, a little ginger root, salt and sugar halfway cook then wrap them with banana leaves and finish cooking in the pot until the rice is well cook.

      1. Yeah just like this http://melyskitchen.blogspot.com.br/2014/07/how-to-make-perfect-suman.html

    7. Ms. Mely thank you so much for sharing all your delicious recipes here in facebook. I love all the food recipes. Specially I love our filipino food and I wanted to learn how to cook all varieties of our dish. I posted and shared most of your recipes on my timeline so I can save them. Please continue to share your delicious recipes. Thanky you again Ms. Mely and God bless you.

    8. I'm trying now your recipe thanks for sharing

    9. I'm trying now your recipe thanks for sharing

    10. Can i put sugar while soaking the rice to be sweetened??? I wanna try this today.


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