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    Monday, November 25, 2013

    Tapioca Mango Salad

     An easy to prepare and budget friendly dessert for the whole family to enjoy. Made from tapioca pearl or sago added with some ingredients to make it more irresistible. You will not regret if you will try this :-).

    Ingredients for 6 servings
    3 cups cooked white sago or tapioca pearl
    1 1/2 cup diced mango
    3/4 cup condensed milk
    1 cup Nestle cream

    Cooked tapiocca
    1. Combine all the ingredients  then mix well.
     2. Refrigerate for few hours.
     3. Then serve it with a  smile :-).

    Note: If this is too dry for you, just add fresh or evaporated milk and a little sugar.
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    1. What's the right way of cooking sago? Do you put the raw sago in boiling water or with the water before it boils? Thanks.

      1. you can do both, but if you will put sago together with the water before it boils make sure that you will stir it every now and then when it starts to heat up so that it will not stick to each other,
        or you can add sago in boiling water and stir every now and then, both ways are ok, so it's up to you which one is convenient to you.

      2. Put pandan and some sugar in boiling water when cooking sago.

        You can add shredded young coconut too to add some texture and mouth feel to your dessert. :-)

        I am a chef.

    2. How to cook tapioca pearl....It always end up sticking together or sometimes melted..

      1. Hi, please read other comments here, I already answered that question.

    3. hi po! meron po bang mabibili na tapioca pearl (not sago) sa mga malls? or saan ba specifically meron? thank u po

      1. Oo meron pero bihira lang, try mo sa SM or sa palengke na bilihan ng mga confictioners items. pero mostly ang available ay sago, just use the white colored sago if it's ok with you.

    4. There are available in the markets in areas where they sell coconuts, cooked sago, which you can buy. I just soak them in hot water and then, use.

    5. if you want it super yummy add coconut water, i have my own recipe for this and my friends are tryin to copied it but they cant seemed to do it the right way..

    6. ano po pede pamalit sa tapioca pearl kung hindi po ako makakita sa market? thanks po

    7. White sago but its not as good as tapioca pearl

    8. fresh or canned mango?

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