Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How to make Mango Float

 Mango float is a kind of refrigerator cake that is very easy to make, a no-bake cake. Wanna try? Here is how.

4 pieces ripe mangoes (sliced)
1 big can Condensed milk
1 big can Nestle Cream
1 pack butter  cracker like Graham, Marie, etc( crushed or powdered)

1.  Mix the condensed milk and all purpose cream. Whisk together.
2.  In a dish that you are going to use, arrange in layer alternately the cream and milk mixture, mangoes and powdered biscuits until all the ingredients are done.

3. Refrigerate for few hours before serving.


  1. pwede din po ung mango and durian mix cya.masarap po na try ko na.

  2. so easy to prepare but sooooo yummyyyy... :)

  3. anu po ba pwd pang idagdag s mix besides mango?

  4. Good morning Ms. Melly,
    How long do you mix the cream and milk mixture? Until it forms soft peaks
    Thank you!

  5. it depends upon the texture that you want, if you want to have an effect of an icing you can mix it until soft peaks form, but if you want the texture of the original version just mix until well blended.


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