Saturday, December 14, 2013

How to Make Munchkins

Enjoy the weekend with your loved ones, spend time making this delicious snack. Why go to the donut shops while you can make these munchkins at the comfort of your home? One way of spending a good time with your kids is doing an activity together. This is one of an enjoyable activity for the weekend. Have fun.

2 cups powdered crackers ( graham, marie or any cracker with the same texture as graham)
1 cup condensed milk

For coating:
Choco powder
crushed or powdered peanuts
desiccated coconut
confectioners sugar

1.Mix the powdered crackers and milk until you form a dough-like mixture, by using your palms get a portion from the mixture and  roll into small balls until all the dough is done. Then coat in different coatings and serve.

with choco powder

with desiccated coconut

with powdered cracker

Click the link for the recipe of Chocolate munchkins


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