Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mely's Kitchen Sticky Rice with Mango

A simple glutinous rice recipe that is good for all occasions. These two main ingredients ( glutinous rice and mango) goes well together.


2 cups glutinous rice
1/2 cup white sugar( or according to your taste)
2 cups coconut milk
2 mangoes ( slice into batonettes)

1. In a pot combine the glutinous rice, sugar and coconut milk then cover and cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally.
2. When the coconut milk is almost dry, reduce the heat to low then cover and simmer until fully cooked, then allow to cool.
3. After cooling, scoop some rice  then put over a foil and flatten it evenly, then put some mango slices, roll like a sushi.

4. Cut into desired size then sprinkle with crushed cashew nuts or sesame seeds then serve, or you can put some coconut cream before serving.

Note: In cutting this, wet the knife with water so that the rice won' stick and easier to cut.


  1. how to make a coconut cream?i want to cook.its yummy.thanks

  2. Squeeze the shredded coconut to remove the pure coconut milk, put in a pot and simmer mix with a little sugar when it thickens remove from fire and it's ready to be used.


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