Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Yellow Corn Rice and its Calories

It was 25 years ago since I last ate this yellow corn rice, that's why when I saw this today at the market I bought half a kilo. I thought I will be wrong in my measurement of water but it was just right. I ate some with pork and chicken adobo, so delicious! Have you tasted this kind of rice?

Per 100 grams serving of cooked yellow corn rice  has only 86 calories while white rice has 130 calories.
That's why I switched to yellow corn rice, and I have been eating this for a week now. This is also easy to digest.

1 cup yellow corn rice
2 cups water

1. Boil the water, once boiling gradually add the rice,  mix then cover and simmer until dry over medium heat.
2. When it' already dry adjust the heat to low and simmer for few minutes until fully cooked, then serve.


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