Saturday, February 15, 2014

Pork Sinigang sa Bayabas

The aroma of the guava made the soup more appetizing every time you sip it. Have you tried this flavor of sinigang? You will definitely love this!

Ingredients for 5 servings:
1/2 kilo pork ( any part of your choice)
1/2 kilo ripe guava ( sliced into small peices)
2 pieces eggplant
1 bunch string beans
2 tomatoes
1 onion
4 cups water ( add if necessary)
spring onion
salt and pepper to taste

1. Put the guava in a blender then add 1 cup of water and blend well until smooth, drain and set aside 
2.In a pot put the onion, tomatoes and pork, salt and pepper then simmer over medium heat until the pinkish color of the meat is gone.Then add the water and bring to a boil.
3. Simmer until the meat is tender then add the eggplant and string beans then simmer until tender.
4 Add the guava extract and simmer for few minutes until the flavors are well blended, add salt and pepper if necessary then turn off the heat.
5. Add spring onion then serve and enjoy.

You can add more vegetable for this recipe.

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