Sunday, February 2, 2014

Tapioca Mango Delight

I can not believe how delicious is this dessert. A must try recipe.

 Ingredients for 10 servings:
1/4 kilo Tapioca pearls ( cook the tapioca then drain)
1 1/2 cup condensed milk
1 cup Nestle cream or all purpose cream
1 cup evaporated milk
1/4 cup water
3 mangoes
Cooked Tapioca Pearls

1 Remove the mango from its seed ( use only 1 piece of mango) then put into the blender together with the water, then blend until smooth.

2. Combine the cooked tapioca, blended mango, cream and milk then mix well, now use the remaining 2 mangoes by slicing it and put as a topping.
3. Refrigerate for few hours before serving.

Note: Just adjust the sweetness by adding more condensed milk or sugar, and you can add more mangoes if you want.


  1. can mango be replaced by strawberries?? dito kc sa place kung saan ako eh walang fresh ripe mango.. and since favorite ko ang strawberry, eh pwede kaya??

  2. Yes you can, but make sure that the strawberries are sweet for an excellent taste.

  3. mam di po ba mg iiba ang texture ng tapioca pag na ref na

  4. hindi naman, haluin mo lang, then dagdagan ng kaunting Nestle cream.

  5. Ano po yong all purpose cream?..hindi ko alam.kung available dito yan sa Austria ..

  6. In Australia they call it "Light Cream or Lite Cream"

  7. saan po nabibili ang tapioca pearls?

  8. sa mga supermarkets po or sa palengke na nagtitinda ng mga gamit sa ginataang bilo-bilo or sao at gulaman ingredients.

  9. Hi po, how long po tatagal un mango tapioca? ok lng po b na 2wks basta regrigerated?
    & sa freezer po ba dapat ilagay?

  10. or basta nasa loob ng ref pwede na?

  11. oo pwede basta nakarefrigerate lang, no need sa freezer ilagay

  12. Affordable.....I'll try to serve this..para maiba nman..tnx for sharing.


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