Saturday, September 6, 2014

How To Make Halo-halo

 What is Halo-halo?

"Halo-halo (Tagalog: [haˈlo-haˈlo], "mixed together") is a popular Filipino dessert with mixtures of shaved ice and evaporated milk to which are added various boiled sweet beans, jello and fruits. It is served in a tall glass or bowl". Read more about halo-halo by clicking the link below.

Halo-halo is very easy to prepare and you can make it as simple as you want or as special as you want it to be. You can use different ingredients for this, and this is mine.


Shaved ice
Corn Kernel
Cooked Sago
Sweetened banana ( minatamis  na saging)
Sweetened red beans
Leche flan
ube jam
Ice Cream
Evaporated Milk
White sugar

How to prepare the halo-halo?

In the serving bowl or halo-halo glass arrange all the ingredients by filling it first with shaved ice then the rest of the ingredients according to your desired measurement. I put mine with at least a teaspoon of each ingredients then I put sugar and milk according to my taste. The Ube ice cream blended so well with the rest of the ingredients.
I really enjoyed it with my friends, so refreshing. 

We went out today ( September 7,2014) we ordered this at our favorite halo-halo place.


  1. Is Butter Polvoran like a cookie and there is no baking just toasting of the flour?

    1. yes, exactly. Here is the link for the recipe


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