Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sago Delight

A delicious sago dish that you can serve anytime of the day for everybody. Simple and easy to prepare but the taste is priceless! Try it.

1/2 kilo white small sago ( cooked and drained)
1  can fruit cocktail ( 836 grams)
450ml condensed milk ( 1 1/2 big can)
1 (300 grams) can  Nestle cream or any all purpose cream
1 big can evaporated milk or add if needed

uncooked white sago (small)
Procedure :
1. Combine all the ingredients then mix well and refrigerate for few hours.
2. Serve when ready.


  1. Replies

    1. the sam with cooking tapioca here is the link,

  2. Ammm may mabibili na po bang luto na sago? :D

  3. Nahihirapan ako sa mga ants in GMs or ml! Lalo na kung direction ay Celsius sa baking po!

    1. pag celcius po mag times 2 lang po kayo para more or less yon na ang Fahrenheit example 160C times 2 so magiging 320F po sya more or less ganun po, kasi to be exact ang 160C is 325F


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