Tuesday, October 7, 2014


A perfect breakfast for my mom, that's why I prepared this for her when I visited her last month. She had it with coffee and a nice chat with me :-). Yummy!

Bangsilog is another Filipino combo meal composed of Bangus ( milkfish), Sinangag( Fried Rice) and Itlog ( Egg).

This is easy to prepare just clean the milkfish, add salt, lime or calamansi juice then fry until golden brown. 

Fry the egg sunny side up style then set aside.

For the fried rice, just saute the garlic then add a cup of rice and stir properly until done.

Arrange  the fried fish, fried egg and fried rice in a platter and serve with a smile :-).

Bangus = BANG

Sinangag= SI
Itlog=LOG --------->BANGSILOG

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