Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ginataang Tilapia

Ginataang Tilapia is one of the easiest dishes to cook, and since tilapia is very common at the market you can prepare this anytime you want it. I cooked this for the laborers at our farm and they loved it.

Ingredients for 6 servings:

1 kilo Tilapia
3 cloves garlic ( crushed)
thumb size ginger ( sliced)
1 onion ( sliced)
2 cups coconut milk
1 bunch pechay
1/4 teaspoon ground pepper
salt to taste


1. Sauté the  ginger, garlic and onion, then add 1 cup coconut milk, salt, ground pepper then bring to a boil and simmer for a minute.
2. Add the fish then simmer until cooked, add the pechay and simmer for a minute then add the rest of the coconut milk, simmer for a minute then turn off the heat.
3. Serve hot with rice, yummy!!!!

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