Saturday, November 29, 2014

How To Make French Fries Perfectly

French fries does not mean that this fries came or originated in France. French in cooking means slicing vegetables or meat into thin strips almost like julienne.It was believed that in 1802 french fries were serve at the white house dinner as ordered by Pres. Thomas Jefferson, but during that time the name is not yet french fries, but potatoes were serve in french manner and as time goes by in some places also they have this version of cooking the potatoes and it is now a popular fast food item called french fries. Patates Frites as French called it. In  Philippine food chain stores the term french fries is being used. Since it is weekend, I decided to post this recipe, because most of the weekends moms and dads stay with their kids at home. Just in case you want to have something to munch for the weekend with your loved ones,  french fries is an affordable and easy to serve. Happy weekend everyone. :).

2 big potatoes ( french sliced)
3 cups water
salt  to taste
Oil for frying

1. Boil the water then put the french sliced potatoes and boil until half cooked, then remove from water and freeze for an hour.

2. after an hour heat the oil then deep fry until done then sprinkle with salt and serve it with your favorite sauce.


  1. Thanks for posting! I really wanna know how it's crisply done like in fastfood chains.

  2. Thanks for sharing the technique, now I know why french fries become crunchy

  3. I always thought to fry those fries until ice crystals form. A mcdo crew told me that so it'l be crunchy outside and yummy inside 😍❤️


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