Thursday, January 15, 2015


Tupig is one of the best Filipino dainties that I like it made from glutionous. Sticky, sweet, chewy, and delicious specially if it is still hot.

2 cups rice flour(malagkit)
1 cup young coconut strips
3/4 cup coconut milk
1/2 cup brown sugar
wilted banana leaves for wrapping, about 3 inch width

1.Combine all the ingredients.
2. In a banana leaf, put a tablespoon of mixture then spread evenly and wrap.
3. Grill over hot charcoal for 5-10  minutes or until done. Turn frequently.


  1. Hey this Tupig is looking so delicious. Thanks for sharing such a unique dish recipe here with us. I will make this dish today itself and will see some online cooking video too so that there will be no issue while cooking my dish. Any suggestions for me?

  2. Could I bake the mixture instead of grilling Ms Mely?

    1. Maybe, I have not tried baking it, but still grilling is the best for this, to attain a perfect result.


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