Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bangers and Mash

Bangers and Mash is a traditional British Isles dish made of mashed potatoes and sausages and sometimes served with fried onion, onion gravy and baked beans just like what Mr. O'Malley made for my blog. 

Ingredients for 1 serving:
1 onion, sliced.
2 pork sausages 
1 scoop Mashed potato
1 can of baked beans (heated)

1. In a frying fan heat some oil over medium heat, once hot enough, add the sausages and onions and fry for about 10mins turning the sausages and onions until they are cooked (it's ok for the onions to be a little burnt, this just adds to the flavor).

2. Arrange the mashed potato, baked beans and sausages in a serving platter then serve it with love.

Contributed by: Mr. Vince O'Malley

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