Sunday, February 8, 2015

Espetinho de Coração de Frango

This is one of my favorite Brazilian food. Cooked simply in a hot coal, aromatic and yummy. I cooked this for a friend's farewell party. One of the best that I've tasted is at Canasveieras, Santa Catarina, Brazil owned by Mr. Joao. 

1 kg de coração de frango  (limpo)
Sal grosso a gosto

Modo de preparo:
1. Em uma bacia, colocar os corações de frango, adicionar o sal grosso e mexer bem.

2. Espetar os corações em espeto de bambu.

3. Assá-los com fogo baixo ate fica bem.

4. Servir com amor :-).

For the English translation of the recipe here it is.

1 kilo chicken heart ( cleaned)
coarse salt to taste

1. In a bowl, combine the chicken heart and salt until fully mixed.
2. Put the hearts in the bamboo skewers.
3. Grill it over hot coal until fully cooked.
4. Serve with a smile :-).

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