Friday, April 24, 2015

How To Make Kwek Kwek

Kwek kwek is a popular street food in the Philippines. It is made with quail's eggs, coated with a batter and fried then serve with a sauce. Today I was able to interview a kwek-kwek vendor and I witnessed how he made it. He even allowed me to post this. I hope it can help you, specially if you want to start a good business. Soon I will ask him for the sauce recipe.

 quail's eggs
orange food coloring 
oil for frying

For Batter:
Mix the flour , water and food coloring until you reached the thick consistency of a good batter for kwek-kwek.

1. Dust the eggs with flour because if you put it directly to the batter, it will not stick to the egg.

2. After dusting it with flour put in the batter mixture, coating it one by one.

3. Heat the oil then deep fry until  it is cooked.

4. Serve it with your favorite sauce.


  1. oh. kwek kwek! one of my favorite street foods! Thanks for sharing your recipe! Now, foreigners can do their own kwek-kwek in their home country, after they tasted it and read your post.

  2. Please make a blog also for partner sauce of this kwek kwek..Teach us..

  3. This is nice. Am wondering about making this with another kind of egg, mabe penoy :). Anyway, it would be good to identify the person who gave you the recipe. Thanks.

  4. Magkano po ang price kung ibenta?

  5. Hindi po talaga nilalagyan yung mixture ng harina ng asin o seasoning?

  6. Hindi po talaga nilalagyan yung mixture ng harina ng asin o seasoning?

    1. hindi dahil may sauce naman na nagpapalasa. Pero nasa sa iyo kung gusto mong lagyan. Para sa akin mas ok na hindi lagyan para hindi matapang ang lasa kapag sinawsaw sakto lang.


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