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What to look for when Using Sushi Knives

What to look for when using sushi knives

When it comes to using sushi knives, there is absolutely no
 rocket science involved. Just a few basic tips that have to 
be kept in mind while making the right choice warrant a bit of logic. They may be summed up as follows:

 The original sushi knife was aimed at cutting. Its job is to make sure that there are fine incisions at intended areas. However, the sushi knives aren’t going to walk out of their shelves by themselves and start cutting. They need to be hand-picked. The most basic tip to be kept in mind when choosing the sushi knife, is to determine the type of cut that is going to be made. A sushi, may require to be cut delicately and finely, so that its shapes can be used to make fine dressings for the dish that they are intended for.
Most complicated dishes that have their recipes explained in cookbooks will supply all the information needed with regard to using the most relevant knives. A number of people have already shared articles and blogs on their websites, explaining in detail the type of sushi knife that is required for a particular dish.

Just as cutting, the slicing technique also follows the same principles. There are deep cuts and fine cuts. The fine cuts require a sort of sharp knife, one that can be used precisely. A deep cut, is the one that doesn’t require much precision.

 Most people believe that the knife on which a certain meat or fish is cut, is the main factor that results in the texture and taste of it. It is primarily for this reason that a lot of people nowadays have started using wooden or ceramide sushi knives.
However, using these knives is not all that easy. Take a 
knife and cut it. That’s what the general person sees as the real deal. If things were that simple, the whole debate over using the appropriate sushi knife would be completely invalid. A recent trend that has been seen nowadays is the fact that people use wooden sushi knives in order to cut their raw meat or raw sushi.
At first, it may seem absolutely confusing as to why someone would do something like this. But the rationality behind it is actually very simple. There are a number of ways it can be cut, a fine sushi knife being the best possible choice, the second next choice being a fillet knife. However, traditionally, it is perceived that the wooden knife, lends its texture and fragrance to the dish that is being used.
Therefore, it may be safe to say that the sushi knives are 
not used simply as a method to cut and slice as if it is some sort of apparatus, but an integral portion of the cooking procedure.

When it comes to paying attention to the sushi knives that 
are going to be used, and the manner in which they are going to be used, determining the end objectives is a better rationale when it comes to choosing and using sushi knives.

Contributed by: Mr. Steven Larson 

Steven is an avid food enthusiast who loves everything about cooking and especially using modern tech in cooking that can make even a novice cook look like an expert chef. He occasionally shares his opinion about the latest and craziest kitchen gadgets on the Kitchen Gadgets Wars blog.

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