Sunday, August 23, 2015

White Beans Salad

This is an easy to prepare salad that you can make for your loved ones. It tastes very good, the nutty flavor of the white beans plus the flavors of the other ingredients  were perfectly blended.White beans are loaded with anti-oxidants and  good source of fiber and protein.

500 grams White Beans
2 cups Frozen Green Peas
10 Crab sticks ( sliced )
salt to taste

1. Cook the white beans in a pressure cooker for 15 minutes ( timer starts when pressure cooker starts to sizzle, or boil in a pot for an hour or until tender. When cooked, wash in running water then drain.
2. In a mixing bowl put the beans, sprinkle with salt to taste then add the crab sticks and green peas, mix until fully combined.
3. Serve with a smile :-).

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